Tokyo Part 11: Sugamo, the Harajuku for Grannies

There are 2 reasons why I visited Sugamo. 1. It is within walking distance of Tsuta, the Michelin-starred ramen joint that I went to queue for tix at 730am. (Review coming next week.) 2. It is known as the Harajuku for Grannies, and famous for its lucky red panties ahahaha!

It is basically one long shopping street. Because I was there so early, I got the street almost all to myself as I watched the shops slowly open for business.

Like this shop selling home-made snacks.

And a pretty florist, complete with an otosan cycling by.

At the end of the street was a store selling discounted children’s clothes. I was chuffed to find this Argentina 🇦🇷 jersey, because my office was celebrating World Cup with a decor competition and I was the captain of Team Argentina! It became a handy prop.

Some pretty flowers along the street.

This store is a must visit. I don’t know its name in English but you can’t miss it because it’s huge. It sells everything from adults’ and kids’ clothes to household goods.

And it is where you can BUY GIANT RED GRANNY PANTIES!

They apparently bring you good luck. I kinda regret not buying any. There are plenty of people I’d love to prank this with, heh. If you are feeling raunchy, you can also surprise your man in this Supergirl get-up.

Whaa? The cape is made from a towel! Okay that’s not very sexy.


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