Tokyo Part 5: Rainy Days in Summer = Buy Super Cheap (or Super Expensive!) Umbrellas ☔️

Summer in Japan is rain, rain, rain. Temperatures hit 30-something degrees Celsius, it’s sticky and humid. The rain brings some respite but it can last the whole damn day!

It’s either sticky and rainy in the day or chilly and rainy at night, where the temperatures can dip to 19 degrees celsius.

The good news is if you’re caught outside without an umbrella, you can easily buy one just about everywhere. The commonly seen transparent plastic big brollies start from just ¥300 yen in some shops, though we paid ¥425 for ours, from Don Quijote. Here’s Ayden and his girlfriend Clarissa, sharing his umbrella.

Ayden is very pleased with his brolly. “It’s very well made!” he praised. Um, what strange words from a child. The light and foldable blue brolly that Clarissa is carrying is also from Japan, and costs something like ¥500. What a steal.

If your pockets are suuuuper deep, you can consider buying these elegant umbrellas that cost oh, a bit more. We found them at Ginza, where they had a huge section dedicated to umbrellas and raincoats. It is called ‘Rain Goods Street’.

They even ranked their umbrellas according to their popularity! Presenting the 人气 #1 winner, a dainty floral print design that costs ¥14,040. That’s S$174. For an umbrella.

In comparison, 人气 #3 winner is slightly kinder to the pocket at ¥10,800, or S$133.25.

But the most expensive one is actually 人气 #2 winner, with very Japanese prints and costing ¥16,200 — that’s S$200, to shelter your pretty little head.

I cannot. I didn’t even dare touch these umbrellas in case I soiled them. We’re happy with our ¥425 brolly, thank you.

Besides, we kinda like fading into the Tokyo scene because so many of us were using the same transparent brolly.

We wanted to take ours home with us to Singapore but unfortunately, we accidentally broke it on the last day. Thank you for keeping us dry on our trip, brolly. RIP.

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