When I Met Tommy Page

EDIT: Added link to the Her World Plus article published today.

7 March 17

He was my first pop star crush when I was 12. When we met at 20, we shared a Coke, he patted my head, and… more funny-sad revelations below in my Tommy Page story, out now on Her World Plus. Click to read.


April 1997

I interviewed Tommy Page in 1997 when I was a freelance reporter for Teens magazine. He was utterly lovely. Humble, friendly, kind, he dispensed big brotherly advice and patted me on the head. As promised, I’m uploading the article here.

PS. I also wrote a tribute for a news website which will be published soon. I will update with links when it is ready. So many of us are still reeling from the shock that he took his life due to depression. We pray for love and comfort for his family and loved ones who must be struggling with the loss.

I hope this blast from the past will help us all remember Tommy when he was shining his brightest. RIP, you touched me, and so many.


Tommy Page 1


Tommy Page 2

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