Vending Machine Dinner Party (Part 3):

Just a quick vending machine update. We have taken this obsession to new heights. Yesterday, one of my best friends Grace brought her 3 kids over for a swim. Here’s me and her littlest, the uber juicy, bouncy Jodi who just turned 4 months old yesterday.


Oooh, those cheeks!! So we were trying to decide between walking out to Keppel Marina Club or Keppel Golf Club for dinner, but the kids were starving and looked like they simply CANNOT survive a 5-min stroll out.

My son Ayden, who is like a super enthu supporter of the Chef In Box vending machine, dragged everyone over to check it out.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen. We actually had a vending machine dinner party. This is a new low in laziness.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a pic of all our ‘party food’ together because NEVER get in between a hungry child and his meal. By the time the adults had chosen, paid for and waited for our meals, the kids already whacked theirs. Like hungry ghosts.

These are the only food pics I managed to snap.


That’s my Black Pepper Beef with rice ($4.50) on left and my helper’s Yangzhou Fried Rice ($3.50) on right.


Black Pepper Beef with rice ($4.50)
Verdict: Pretty good. The beef is stir-fried with onions in a quite peppery and flavourful marinade. I counted 13 slices — not bad! — though a couple of slices were tough, probably over-microwaved. Comes with Chup Chye with braised cabbage, black fungus, carrots… Chup Chye is one of those dishes that taste better the longer you cook it and this microwaved version is quite authentic. like the stuff you get at nonya restaurant. The rice appears to be whole grains and quite fragrant — probably jasmine rice? Seems to be better quality rice than the other rice dishes I’ve tried here so far. (Sorry, I know I sound like a rice nazi!)


Yangzhou Fried Rice ($3.50)
Verdict: This looks pretty sad. Flavour is passable, with chopped (and v tough) chicken char siew, eggy bits, carrot strips and… not much else. Considering it is the same price as the Vegetarian Beehoon, the veggie beehoon is much tastier. This Yangzhou Fried Rice is my least favourite dish here so far.

Grace’s daughter Joelle had and liked the Carbonara ($4). She ate too quickly for any pics, but here’s how it looks like from Ayden’s previous meal.


Ayden went back to his first love, the Chicken Spaghetti Bolognaise ($4). Another old pic:


Grace’s son Jonathan had the Teriyaki Salmon with rice ($4.50). I didn’t taste it cos he looked sooo hungry but the fish looked tender enough. And he said it was pretty good. Will try for myself another time.

I’d have loved to try more but business must have been good at the vending machine cos 6 of the 12 items were sold out! Looks like my neighbours are as happy with our instant meals as we are, hahaha. Seriously, I can’t believe we just had a vending machine dinner party. This is quite embarrassing….

Ending with a random but too-cute-to-resist pic of Jodi. Auntie Stella buy you a vending machine lunch next time, okay?


Here’s wishing everyone a blessed Christmas! May your Xmas dinner be more sumptuous than my vending machine food party!


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