Cuisine Le Vending Machine Part 2

We’re baaaack for more Cuisine Le Vending Machine! (Yes, we’re still embarrassingly excited about this fancy vending machine called Chef In Box, a new ‘attraction’ recently installed at our condo.)


This time, we tried the Chicken Carbonara ($4) and Curry Chicken ($4).


Chicken Carbonara: The cream sauce is a tad watery but is actually flavorful enough, with bits of carrots, ham (chicken or turkey ham, probably, since it’s a halal dish), mushroom (looks like shiitake mushroom, not the cheap canned mushroom) and chunks of quite tender chicken. The pasta is still al dente, not soggy.

My 6-year-old son, who is a junior critic (he says he wants to be a food critic like his mum), declares that this is even better than last week’s Chicken Spaghetti Bolognaise. “The sauce is nicer than the tomato sauce, and I like the chicken.”

Meet Singapore’s youngest food critic. He has his own namecards, don’t play play.


Judging from how much he enjoyed last week’s Spaghetti Bolognaise, this is high praise indeed.


Curry Chicken Rice
The curry is thick and quite fragrant, especially when we catch a whiff as we pull off the plastic wrap. Comes with boneless chicken thigh and chunks of potatoes that are first fried, then cooked in curry. A small but appreciated step, as the potatoes don’t integrate into a starchy mess in the curry.


However, you can see that their rice is the cheaper, almost ‘broken rice’ type, kinda like what you find in cheap nasi lemak.

In fact, I noticed the same low quality rice in the Casserole Rice (aka Claypot rice) that I tried last week.

Overall, I think the noodle dishes fare better so far. The 2 pastas that we tried are particularly yummy. I guess pastas just freeze and defrost better. Definitely better quality (and value) than the usual stuff you find in the frozen foods aisle at the supermarket.


Compare the pastas to the rice dishes here:


No fight.

For the sake of vending machine groupies everywhere, we vow that we will not stop till we’ve tried all 12 dishes available. What? It’s for research!

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