Visited a friend at her new HDB flat and we met her neighbour’s 2 Shibas and a barky Shiba-Jack Russell (extreme left), who lunged at me, snarling. I was startled but thought I’d be nice and assure their owner that it was probably because they can smell a big dog’s smell on me. When he heard that I have a , he looked incredulous (disbelieving) and asked questions, since big-sized dogs are not allowed in HDB flats. My friend explained that I live in a private condo. Thus began a v weird one-sided conversation as Mr Shiba rattled on and on. Within a few minutes, he informed us that he actually has a semi-detached house at XYZ area, where he has more dogs. AND he has a condo unit at Martin Place. AND his Shibas are all imported from Japan (meaning, not the ‘cheaper’ locally bred ones). My friend and I were kinda stuck listening to this random man boast on and on, all because she let slip that I live in a condo. (As do many, MANY people in Singapore, please lor!) It was very… awkward. But the 2 Shibas were cute so it wasn’t a total waste of time!

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