Ayden and his Tap dance buddy, Tristan! Reposting my message in FB: Today, Ayden learned a very important lesson. He’s not a gifted dancer, despite almost 2 years of Tap dance classes. There were times when he cried because he kept messing up his steps and he felt he just couldn’t catch up with the older kids (he is among the youngest). He pleaded with us to let him quit. We agreed, on condition that he stuck it out till after his dance recital. We weren’t being evil; we just didn’t want him to give up easily whenever he runs into challenges. And so, my little boy struggled on with his two left feet. Two days ago, he was still feeling so desperate that he wanted us to cancel his performance. In his own (v dramatic and emo, as usual) words, he face-palmed and declared: “I’m doomed! What if I forget my steps!” We told him that as long as he tried his best, it was good enough. And we prayed together for Jesus to bless him with a good performance. Amazingly, tonight, Ayden actually remembered every single step and delivered his best performance yet! More importantly, he could now see that his perseverance has paid off. We don’t have huge hopes of him becoming a professional dancer or anything (hahaha!) but to see him try so hard and finally regain his confidence tonight… It was awesome! Thank you Susan Thng for all the patience and spurring him on week after week! Here’s the full 2min video for your enjoyment!

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