Tokyo Part 7: Juicy ¥400 Pork Bao in Yokohama’s Chinatown

Yokohama’s Chinatown is the biggest in Japan and probably the port city’s biggest attraction. It’s where the Japanese and tourists come for good ‘Chuka’, which is Japan-ized Chinese food.

After our visit to the Cupnoodles Museum, we headed to Chinatown for dinner. But first, we went shopping at the Redbrick Warehouse.

There was a fair and all sorts of food trucks and outdoor stalls. I bought a pair of Kappa silver sneakers for just ¥2000!

Check out these pretty ladies in their summer yukatas.

And um, a cute pet ferret. I swear, I’ve seen pet ferrets on every single visit to Tokyo. If I dig up all my old photos, I can put together my own ‘ferret through the years’ photo memory.

Random roadside flowers, because they’re pretty.

And… this giant fur ball crossing the road! There’re 2 of them but I could only snap 1 pic in time. Made me miss my Optimus the chowchow so much.

We walked almost 30 minutes to Chinatown. Bad idea. We were super tired as it was the end of a long day. But this shop sign, and its very apt name, cracked us up. Closed on a Saturday?! At least they’re honest that they’re lazy.

Passed by this moss-covered factory. It jolted me a little when I realized that I could read the sign as it was written in Chinese. Ahh… a sign that Chinatown must be near!

We finally made it to Chinatown!

I tried to google for food recommendations in Yokohama but decided it was too challenging to walk around any longer to locate the restaurants.

Quickly did the touristy thing and snapped pics against the chinese gates.

Ayden refused to take a pic with us because he was hangry.

In the end, we settled for this random Chinese restaurant that offered a very forgettable ala carte buffet for about ¥1690 each (I think), the standard price along that street.

You get to order unlimited portions of xiaolongbao, roast meats, noodles, rice, veggies, some seafood etc. Good value for the amount we ate but definitely not our tastiest meal. Our tastebuds have been spoiled in Tokyo.

Fortunately, we found a little souvenir to make our bellies feel better — a famous Pork Bao!

This 公生和 store has been operating for 92 years! They’ve been featured on TV and news articles and have their own video running on loop to talk about their bao. But THIS is what clinched the deal for us: They have a Bao mascot! With six packs! 💪 Sexiest bao ever!

Of course we had to take many many photos, together with my steaming hot ¥400 bao.

Hubby felt the need to flex some muscles too.

We ate the bao, which cost about S$5, for breakfast the next morning.

Tip: Always sprinkle water liberally over bao if you reheat it in the microwave oven. Or leave an uncovered bowl of water in the microwave oven and heat it together. Our bao was still nice and boing-boing to the touch.

The meat was juicy, flavorful with soft minced meat that still retained some bite. Definitely better than your usual pork bao and worth the premium price; the others on the same street were selling for about ¥350.

Yum yum. We’ll be back for you the next time we’re in Yokohama.


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