BLOGGED: #SabahQuake: Every Parent's Nightmare. Since I became a parent, I grieve differently. I know many parents feel the same way too. We may not know the children or teacher of Tanjong Katong Primary School but our hearts ache so badly for their parents because we know that awful, greatest fear. Nobody should have to bury their own child. Yesterday, Ayden and I went to pay our respect to the perished children and teacher of Tanjong Katong Primary School. Here's an excerpt from my blog: "The TKPS teacher gave Ayden a little blank card. He thought hard about what to write, trying to recall his Spelling words as he faltered over ‘rite’ (right) and ‘form’ (from). “Go on, write whatever you want, it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes,” she gently encouraged him. And Ayden finished his note, trying his best to keep his lines straight and signed off with his full name, class and even class register number. They read Ayden’s note solemnly. They thanked him, asked to give him a hug and requested to take a photo of the note he’d composed all by himself." Please click on the link in bio to read the rest. http://www.stellarcommsconsult.com/2015/06/09/sabahquake-every-parents-nightmare/

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