I have never met Lee Kuan Yew but growing up, he was a big part of my childhood, in a very bizarre way. Whenever my mother wanted my sisters and I to pack up our toys quickly, she would say, "Hurry up! Lee Kuan Yew is coming to visit!" Our elusive visitor never ever came, of course. But it left an indelible impression on us kids that LKY = Very Important Man, long before we understood who and what he was. The man was not a saint (as his many critics never fail to remind us) but he was, without a doubt, the most important VIP to Singapore. He had the smarts and more importantly, the guts and spirit to sacrifice and build Singapore into a success story. How many keyboard warriors today would have been willing to take on that job under those circumstances? Today, let's not quibble over politics and whatnot. Today is a sad day for Singapore. Let's take a moment to remember LKY and cherish our memories of him, no matter how bizarre. Thank you and RIP, Mr Lee. #LKY #thankyoulky

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