IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Hi friends, my Yahoo email account was hacked earlier this week. Urrgh. 1. I really hope none of you replied to the hacker's spam email and request for $$. (Your reply will be directed to a fake email account that looks suspiciously like mine, except they spelt 'stella' with with 3 'Ls'). The hacker also included a fake handphone number that looks a lot like mine. PLEASE IGNORE! I am safe and sound in Singapore and I've made a police report. If you did send money, please file a police report too! 3. I have not receive emails since Monday as the hacker diverted my emails. I've fixed it now. So if you tried to email me this week and I didn't reply, please resend your email to my usual Yahoo account (and CC stellathng@gmail.com to be safe.) 4. Finally, I've changed my sender's name to 'Stella Thng (Yahoo email)' as well as my email signature. If you receive legit emails from me, it should now read Stella Thng Tel: +65 **** **** **********@yahoo.com I've circled both in red. Sorry for the spam and trouble, guys. Hackers should be shot and left to rot! On the plus side, I'm seriously touched by the number of concerned Whatsap and SMS messages that I received from friends around the world, checking to make sure I'm safe. Aww, so much love! Thanks everyone! Muaks to you too! Stella

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