Tony Blair: "I think Lee Kuan Yew has had a huge impact on global politics. I think from his obvious influence on the Chinese leadership and the development of China, to people like myself in the UK, people like Bill Clinton in the USA, and others who saw in him a model for how you should try to put the interests of the country first, that being an effective executive was every bit as important as being a great communicator." A man so respected and sought after by global leaders, and he was Singapore's. I've been thinking... why did God choose him, and us? What is His plan for Singapore's place in the world? There must be a greater purpose. And I believe Singapore has much more to offer the world beyond Mr Lee Kuan Yew. This sounds strange but somehow, this week's events made me feel braver. #LKY #TributetoLKY #NoYewNoUs #ThankYouLKY

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